Here you will find articles of interest to website owners and anyone with an interest in the World Wide Web and the Internet.

Church Website Design Tips

Why Build a Church Website

Turn your church website into a powerful evangelistic tool! Use the advice and tips given here as a vital part of your church growth strategy. See what a difference an effective website makes.

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Who Runs the Internet?

Many people believe that the Internet and the World Wide Web are one and the same. That's a common mistake. Let's begin by clearing up that misconception.

The Internet is a global collection of computers and devices connected to one another. It consists of millions of public, private, commercial, academic, and government computers. Communications devices including phone lines, cable, fiber optics, wireless connections, and satellites connect these computers.

Uses of the Internet include e-mail, instant messaging, and streaming media, just to name a few. The World Wide Web is ...

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Off-site Articles

Below are off-site articles of special interest to website clients.