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About this ImageInfoInfoThe Messianic Seal used by the congregation of believers headed by James, brother of Jesus, together with the Cross of modern Christendom.

At TKO Website Design, we offer 25% off our standard commercial pricing to qualifying Churches, Messianic Congregations, and Christian ministries.

In His final instruction to His followers, Jesus (Yeshua InfoInfo Yeshua (ישוע) is the Hebrew name of Jesus. Translated into English, Yeshua becomes Jesus. However, when He walked this earth, His parents, the Apostles, and everyone else knew Him as Yeshua.) commanded them to take the gospel to all nations. Today, at our fingertips, we have a tool for fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) that the Apostles could have never imagined. Today we have the Internet and the World Wide Web.

By placing your site on the World Wide Web, you are instantly taking the gospel message to all the nations of the world. Imagine what the Apostles could have done with the power of the Internet!

Whether your goal is to reach your local community or the nations of the world, a Web presence is essential. Most people search online to find and screen churches/congregations before attending. More often than not, your website is the first impression your potential visitors get of you and what you have to offer.

We believe TKO Website Design is a good fit for you and your ministry. This is because we believe in what you are doing, and we want to help you further your mission, the Great Commission.