Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to get my site online?

What is a domain name, and how much does it cost?
Your domain name is simply your website address. Domain names are in the form Each domain registrar sets its own price, and prices vary significantly among registrars. Prices range from $0.99/year to whatever the registering company wants to charge. Most .com domain names (at the time of this writing) go for around $10/year. You can purchase a domain name for under $10 from my affiliate registration service.

What is a Web host, and how much does Web hosting cost?
Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server for clients to place their websites, thus making them available via the Internet. The cost of Web hosting varies greatly, from free to $50/month or more. The cost increases with the number of features needed.

How do I choose a Web Host?
Do your homework by visiting a site(s) that review Web hosts. is a good starting point. Choose the one that's right for you by comparing the features they offer. Look for answers to questions such as:

What is the Website Development Process?
The overall process of developing a website generally follows six major phases. These include:

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Design Visualization
  3. Graphic Design and Content Development
  4. Site Construction
  5. Testing and Delivery
  6. Ongoing Maintenance

Phase 1: Information Gathering

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This initial phase is where you develop a vision for your website. Think of your vision as a "mission statement" for your website.

During this phase, you select and/or develop the following:

Phase 2: Design Visualization

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This is where a site map is developed. A site map lists all the main topics and subtopics of the site and shows how the parts link together. In addition, website prototypes are developed. These include mock-ups of the site navigation, as well as content and graphical placeholders.

Phase 3: Graphic Design and Content Development

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During this phase, all photography and other graphic or audiovisual content is created. The site's text content is also researched and developed at this time.

Phase 4: Site Construction

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During this phase, the actual website is built. This is done by first developing the home page within a template that will be used to house the rest of the site. The template will ensure a consistent look and feel throughout the site.

Phase 5: Testing and Delivery

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During this phase, the site is tested to ensure that everything is working as planned. This includes testing for

Once the site has been thoroughly tested and approved by the client, and we receive payment, the site is uploaded to your web server. This is the official launch of your website.

Phase 6: Ongoing Maintenance

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This phase lasts for the remainder of the website's life. No one wants to visit a site with outdated content. We will be happy to continue working with you to keep your site up to date.