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TKO Website Design specializes in building sites that meet the industry's highest technical standards. All sites are reasonably priced, W3C standards compliant, accessible, and search engine friendly.
About TKO
Identity: Freelance Web design company that builds sites using current best practices
Services: Low cost websites for churches and non-profit organizations, small businesses, personal and professional sites
Location: Raleigh, NC USA
What are W3C Web standards? What are the benefits of standards compliant websites? Find out here. Building sites that meet the Web industry's highest technical standards is what TKO Website Design does best.
What is accessibility, and what makes a website accessible? Why build accessible sites? What are WCAG accessibility conformance levels? All these questions are answered here.
Search Friendly
Search engine friendly pages rank higher in search results. The basic search engine optimization (seo) techniques used to build pages that rank high are listed here.
Why Hire Us?
Web design resume listing technical skills/knowledge and professional affiliations. TKO Website Design is primed and ready to take your Web presence to the next level.
Answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs) from TKO Website Design.
Informative articles on the Internet, domain names, and website content writing tips are found here.
Please view some of the recent Web design projects from TKO Website Design.
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Request a no obligation free website design quote now and get online.
Feel free to contact TKO Website Design about any Web design matter and you will receive a response within 48 hours.
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